The SBG Vision states: “The School of Business and Governance of the Ateneo de Davao University appropriates “sui generis” leadership in business and governance in Mindanao,  guided by the University’s vision and mission, and the Spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

It aspires to educate and form students to be ethical and excellent professionals in the creation and equitable distribution of wealth as well as in the good governance of government institutions and civil sectors of the society.”


Those are the words that inspired the total upgrade of the SBG logo in time for its 20th anniversary. Through symbolism, we carefully incorporated the following:

The Shield – which takes inspiration from Datu Bago;
symbolizes adaptability and resiliency

Mt. Apo – one of Davao’s treasures; represents the
importance of strong foundation in institutions

Graph – depicts our aspirations for a sustainably-developed Mindanao

Pillars – signifies our commitment to good public and
corporate governance

Indigenous-inspired pattern – our ode to our ancestors
and the cultural traditions and heritage of Mindanao

Society of Jesus Symbol – at the heart, portrays our fidelity
to the ideals of Jesuit mission

Blue & White – the colors of the logo, symbolizes our homage
to Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption,
who is the Patroness of Ateneo de Davao University

The School of Business and Governance has always been at the forefront of embracing  the challenges of changing times. As the world braces for the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all the more committed to deliver our mission to the communities we serve.

Aside from being a mere symbol of unity, the new logo is also a testament to SBG’s competence and resilience in facing current and future challenges. This life-long commitment is carried on by all members of the SBG community – its students, staff, members of faculty, administrators, and alumni.

We are one Mindanao, one Philippines, one Global Community, one SBG!


Designed by: Kerwin Buck Q. Koting
Concept by: Mr. Jenner Chan, DBM | Karlo Dalangin, CPA, MBA & Kerwin Buck Q. Koting
© 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | ADDU-SBG | Buck Creatives

2012 was a time of change for the School of Business and Governance. It had entered a new era of innovation for the academic programs and its facilities. With a new Vision and Mission at hand inspired by the ever strengthened goals of the university and its leadership, the School of Business and Governance entered into a very timely upgrade.

Pioneering in University branding to spark unity, the 2012 logo was inspired by the modern and changing times. The upgrade from the previous logo retains the gear and the colors –  symbol of synergy and system working in tandem with one another. The Globe symbolized the achievement of SBG in producing world-class graduates, with the Philippines and the Ateneo de Davao University at its center.

Designed by: Kerwin Buck Q. Koting
Concept by: Atty. Arlene Cosape, DPA | Godofredo Eding, MBA & Kerwin Buck Q. Koting
© 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | ADDU-SBG | KBK Creative Designs

Driven by SBG’s goal of unity in 2 colors, the then administrators and student leaders of the  School and Business and Governance pitched the idea of coming up with a logo to unify the two clusters of the School during 2006 Ateneo Fiesta.

The result of two clusters united was inspiring. Instead of cheering their separate division cheers and yells, for the first time, the SBG chant was heard echoed throughout the university covered court during the culminating activity of the 2006 fiesta.

The symbolism of a wheel turning is a key component in a business environment – so does in uniting the School of Business and Governance – an infinite circle, a gear; a symbol of systems working in tandem with one another.

The graphic design trend of the 20’s inspired the 3D-type logo. With both yellow and blue as official colors representing the Accountancy and Business Administration clusters of the SBG, and the grey for the graduate program courses. During the time, its all about the colors and what it represents but in spite that, the SBG has always been inspired to unite.

The logo was modified in 2010 by the Office of Student Affairs in time for SBG’s 10th Anniversary.

Original Logo 2006
10th Anniversary Version 2010

Designed by: Kerwin Buck Q. Koting
Concept by: Godofredo Eding & Kerwin Buck Q. Koting